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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

“Anything from the trolley dears?” Rose looked up from her journal at a sweet old voice. She dug into her pocket to find some sickles. Staring at the assortment of sweets, she heard a soft, young voice

“You don’t have any Skittles by any chance, do you?” She glanced over and saw a small girl, she was still holding all of her bags in her hands. Rose wondered at her question. She’d only heard of Skittles a few times, they seemed to be a popular Muggle treat.

“The Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans are a bit like Skittles” The trolley woman replied. He girl nodded, and then took out a small handful of coins.

“Sorry, I don’t understand this money yet, could you help me?” This time, the question was directed at Rose. She reached over and took out the amount needed.

“Thanks.” The girl turned, and started to walk away, her cloak dragging behind her.

“Wait! Do you want to sit with me?” Rose blurted the question out. The girl turned back, surprised. Her chestnut brown hair fell over one eye, but it couldn’t hide her happiness. She quickly strode towards Rose, and followed her into the compartment.

“Who’s that Rose?” James asked. He and Albus looked up from their own pile of sweets.

“This is…” Rose paused, realizing that she did not know the girls name. “Erm…”

“Penny, my name is Penny” The girl looked at the pile of treats that the boys had in front of them. Her eyes grew wide.

“Whoa. I’ve never seen sweets like these before! I rarely get sugary stuff at home, and when I do, it is nothing like this stuff! My Dad’s really strict on candy, something about eating too much will make you big, I don’t know. That’s why I wanted Skittles, I only ever got those at sleepovers. But now I have these jelly bean kind of things… Do they come with a map of flavours or something?” Penny looked up, breathless. She turned slightly pink and apologized.

“Its alright, no worries.” Albus quickly replied “We’ve got a younger sister at home who never stops talking!” He grinned, and Penny smiled back.

“I’m just really nervous. I don’t know anybody who is magical, well except me, and a woman from the school who came down and explained to my parents what was going on. I think they just about had a heart attack when they found out. You’d think my Dad had seen a ghost!” Rose nodded, she had heard stories from her Mum about being muggle born, and the surprise it brought.

The small group spent the rest of the train ride playing card games. Rose taught Penny how to play exploding snap, and she taught her a muggle card game called “Slap”. Rose was sure that she had found a great new friend.
The train slowly came to a stop, and James hopped off before the others. He turned back as they clambered off.

“You three go and find Hagrid now. He’s the big tall bloke, can’t miss him!” James turned and went with the flow of students. The three first years looked around, and sure enough, there was a huge man standing at the end of the platform, calling

“Firs’ Years, over here! Firs’ Years!” Rose swallowed her nervousness and led the way through the crowd. As they reached Hagrid, he readily gave Rose and Albus a hug. 

“Can’t wait to see the sorting tonight! So many new students! The boats are almost filled, jus’ a few more after you two.”

“Two..?” Rose replied, and she glanced around. Sure enough, Penny was nowhere to be seen. Rose hurried back towards the train, and caught a glimpse of her behind a pillar.

“What are you doing back here? The boats are going to leave without us!” Rose pulled on her friend’s arm, but Penny wouldn’t budge.

I'm scared. What if they don't let me in after all?” She replied, she looked truly frightened.

“Penny, don't worry! My Mum's a muggle born, and everybody I meet tells me how she was the brightest witch of her age. Now come on!” Rose yanked, and Penny followed, though very reluctantly.

The first years had only just all sat down in the boats as they pushed away from the shore. Penny bent over the back end of the boat she was sharing with Rose and Albus, looking puzzled.

“Where’s the motor? I don’t understand how this is moving without a motor!” Rose chuckled, she knew what the rough idea of a motor was because of her Grandpa Weasley.

“There’s no motor,” She replied “This is Hogwarts, it’s running on magic!” Penny looked pleasantly surprised, and then giggled like a small child.
“This is SO COOL!”

Rose stood stock still as Professor McGonagall strode towards the front of the Great Hall. She hadn’t heard a single phrase of the Sorting Hat’s song. Her mind was turning in circles. She had to be Gryffindor, she just had to be! She looked beside her and saw Penny wringing her hands. Penny looked back, and they both smiled.

Professor McGonagall unrolled a piece of parchment

"When I call your name, you will put on the hat and sit on the stool to be sorted,” She said

“Annad, Timothy” A young, dark skinned boy scurried up to the seat, his curly hair stuck up under the sorting hat when McGonagall placed it onto his head.

“HUFFLEPUFF!” The hat shouted.  Rose turned her head, and watched the boy hurry over to the table on the right.

Name after name was called, Rose felt Penny leave her side, and was excited to see that she was sorted into Gryffindor. Now Rose wanted to be in Gryffindor all the more.

Finally, Professor McGonagall called

“Weasley, Rose” Rose stepped up to the three legged stool, and gingerly sat down. The hat was placed slowly on her head, and she took a deep breath.

“GRYFFINDOR!”  Rose pulled of the sorting hat and jumped up happily. She nearly skipped all the way to the Gryffindor table, and squeezed in beside Penny. The two girls hugged each other happily, whispering their congratulations until one of the Prefects shushed them.

Rose looked up. It was nearly Albus’ turn. She pulled her hands inside her sleeve and crossed her fingers.
“Potter, Albus” Rose watched as he slowly trekked up to the stool. The hat had not even touched his head, when it loudly exclaimed

“GRYFFINDOR!” Rose cheered with the rest of the table as Albus quickly trotted over to the table.

“I can’t believe it, I simply can’t believe it!” Rose grinned at Penny.

“Neither can I, honestly.” Rose looked around her.

“Its so much food!” Rose nodded, and leaned back on her hands. Penny did the same, and they shared a contented sigh.
Rose felt a tap on her shoulder, and she straightened up. It was James.

“ ‘Scuse me, but is it true?” The question was directed at Penny. Rose looked back at James, perplexed.

“Is that really your name?” James said.

“Wait, I missed something – what’s your last name Penny?” Rose quickly interjected.

“I’m Penny. Penny Dursley.”

A Harry Potter FanFiction

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Chapter 1
Rose Weasley quickly twisted her hair behind her ear. It kept falling into her eyes, and it was driving her insane. She glanced at her Mother and Father in the front seat, then at her younger brother. Hugo was stretched out on the seat, taking advantage of the undectable extension charm that her Father had placed on their small car.

“Mum, how much longer is it to Kings Cross.” Rose’s brother’s whiny voice cut into her thoughts.

“Another 10 miles or so. We’ll be there soon”. Rose’s mother went back to her book, glancing slightly at her husband in the seat beside her.

Rose stared out the window again, she was regretting having ever got into the car this morning. Why did she have to go to Hogwarts on her own? At least Albus has an older brother. Even if they do drive each other nuts. Rose began to chew on the edge of her lip, and stared out of the car silently, watching  the quiet country side change into the bustling city.

“Sweetie, we’re here!” Hermione’s cheery voice pulled Rose out of her stupor.

“Honestly Hermione, I think you’re more excited than she is for today.” Rose flashed a grateful glance at her father, and he smiled back.

“Why don’t you take Hugo and head towards the platform, Rose and I will grab her trunk and meet up with you.” Hermione nodded, and  Rose sat down on the back bumper and watched her Mum and brother walk into the station. She let her fiery red hair fall in front of her face.

“You know, you remind me a lot of your Mum on her first day.” Rose looked at her Father, perplexed.

“The very first time I saw her, she shook her hair back out of her eyes, just like you do. You look so much like her, but with the mischievousness of the Weasley family built in.”

“I’m worried Dad. What if I don’t do well? I always hear stories about how brilliant Mum was in school, and everybody always tells me that I need to be the same. Except Grandpa Thomas. He wants me to be a dental hygienist.” Rose stared at her hands, leaning on her brand new school trunk.

“What if I’m not who everybody thinks I am.” She whispers

“No one is going to disown you for not being brilliant. Your Mum kept me around, and I was a bloody idiot my first few years! As for Grandpa Thomas, you just ignore that old bag of bricks. But don’t tell your Mum I called him that. She’d give me Jelly Legs in a heartbeat!” Ron chuckled as he continued. “We will all love you for exactly who you are. You never need to worry about that.”

Rose nodded, then glanced at her watch, she gasped as she saw that they only had twenty minutes to spare.

“Dad! If we don’t get to the train soon, all the good seats will be gone!” She rushed off, her new eagle owl in his cage bouncing behind her. She heard her Dad follow suit, pushing the trolley with her school trunk behind her.

Rose looked towards the barrier between platforms nine and ten, and took a deep breath. Her Dad leaned towards her, and whispered

“Best do it at a bit of a run, if you’re nervous.”

Rose nodded, and with a little skip in her step, rushed forwards. She squealed as the barrier melted around her, then stopped dead in her tracks when the majesty of Platform 9 ¾ appeared before her. She felt hands on her shoulders, ushering her on. Her Mum was behind her, showing her where to put her belongings so that they got on the train alright.

When the whistle blew for the 5 minute warning, Rose finally broke away from the tight knit family hug. She glanced behind her as she climbed onto the train, her Mum and Dad both had glistening eyes, and the biggest smile. She grinned back at them, and then turned to find a compartment. She quickly found James and Albus.

All three of them looked out the window towards the platform. Hugo was standing beside their Father, a scowl creasing his face.  Rose waved at her family as the train began to move, the rhythmic motion soothing her fears. When she couldn’t see the platform any more, she turned towards the boys she had grown up with.

“Exploding Snap, anyone?”

End of Chapter 1