Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Harry Potter FanFiction

MINE! No copying! :)

Chapter 1
Rose Weasley quickly twisted her hair behind her ear. It kept falling into her eyes, and it was driving her insane. She glanced at her Mother and Father in the front seat, then at her younger brother. Hugo was stretched out on the seat, taking advantage of the undectable extension charm that her Father had placed on their small car.

“Mum, how much longer is it to Kings Cross.” Rose’s brother’s whiny voice cut into her thoughts.

“Another 10 miles or so. We’ll be there soon”. Rose’s mother went back to her book, glancing slightly at her husband in the seat beside her.

Rose stared out the window again, she was regretting having ever got into the car this morning. Why did she have to go to Hogwarts on her own? At least Albus has an older brother. Even if they do drive each other nuts. Rose began to chew on the edge of her lip, and stared out of the car silently, watching  the quiet country side change into the bustling city.

“Sweetie, we’re here!” Hermione’s cheery voice pulled Rose out of her stupor.

“Honestly Hermione, I think you’re more excited than she is for today.” Rose flashed a grateful glance at her father, and he smiled back.

“Why don’t you take Hugo and head towards the platform, Rose and I will grab her trunk and meet up with you.” Hermione nodded, and  Rose sat down on the back bumper and watched her Mum and brother walk into the station. She let her fiery red hair fall in front of her face.

“You know, you remind me a lot of your Mum on her first day.” Rose looked at her Father, perplexed.

“The very first time I saw her, she shook her hair back out of her eyes, just like you do. You look so much like her, but with the mischievousness of the Weasley family built in.”

“I’m worried Dad. What if I don’t do well? I always hear stories about how brilliant Mum was in school, and everybody always tells me that I need to be the same. Except Grandpa Thomas. He wants me to be a dental hygienist.” Rose stared at her hands, leaning on her brand new school trunk.

“What if I’m not who everybody thinks I am.” She whispers

“No one is going to disown you for not being brilliant. Your Mum kept me around, and I was a bloody idiot my first few years! As for Grandpa Thomas, you just ignore that old bag of bricks. But don’t tell your Mum I called him that. She’d give me Jelly Legs in a heartbeat!” Ron chuckled as he continued. “We will all love you for exactly who you are. You never need to worry about that.”

Rose nodded, then glanced at her watch, she gasped as she saw that they only had twenty minutes to spare.

“Dad! If we don’t get to the train soon, all the good seats will be gone!” She rushed off, her new eagle owl in his cage bouncing behind her. She heard her Dad follow suit, pushing the trolley with her school trunk behind her.

Rose looked towards the barrier between platforms nine and ten, and took a deep breath. Her Dad leaned towards her, and whispered

“Best do it at a bit of a run, if you’re nervous.”

Rose nodded, and with a little skip in her step, rushed forwards. She squealed as the barrier melted around her, then stopped dead in her tracks when the majesty of Platform 9 ¾ appeared before her. She felt hands on her shoulders, ushering her on. Her Mum was behind her, showing her where to put her belongings so that they got on the train alright.

When the whistle blew for the 5 minute warning, Rose finally broke away from the tight knit family hug. She glanced behind her as she climbed onto the train, her Mum and Dad both had glistening eyes, and the biggest smile. She grinned back at them, and then turned to find a compartment. She quickly found James and Albus.

All three of them looked out the window towards the platform. Hugo was standing beside their Father, a scowl creasing his face.  Rose waved at her family as the train began to move, the rhythmic motion soothing her fears. When she couldn’t see the platform any more, she turned towards the boys she had grown up with.

“Exploding Snap, anyone?”

End of Chapter 1

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