Monday, April 23, 2012

Colour Coding me Moment!

Writing Reflection #5

Remember when I wrote about the "Moment" story that I am writing in English class? Well after I finished it (or thought I had finished it) our teacher gave us an assignment that was to colour code the draft of our moment. We used different highlighters, markers, and Sharpies, to underline different aspects of our stories. On one hand, I really didn't like doing it,  but I found it actually did help. We all had to have these "show don't tell" parts in our stories, full of VASK'ing. (VASK'ing stands for Visual Auditory, Smell, Kinesthetic. Basically, giving the reader the feeling of being in the story by using descriptive words.) I realized that I had really nice paragraph of "Show Don't Tell", but I could add to it even more. I guess my work isn't really as good as I think it is when I start...

Ok. So I am loving that I get to blog for my English class. It is so cool that I have like, and online binder to show my stuff on. However, I also really like being able to add my own stuff when I want to, like drawings and other things. I think I am gonna post some of my old short stories, if I can find any, you know, the stories I wrote in Grade 5 or whenever.

One more slight "rabbit trail" here. FanFiction. I discovered this through tumblr, though a blog called "Hermiones Bookshelf" this girl had written some fan fiction about Harry Potter. Now while I love seeing other peoples views on the books and stuff, I don't think that they should've changed the scenarios. A lot of the fan fiction of Harry Potter has characters that died in the books alive again, and some of them in strange situations. Situations like Sirius and Lupin being in a relationship with eachother, (WRONG) and, well that was the biggest thing that bugged me when I was reading. There was however, one that just about killed me it was so funny. It was called "Why You Don't Want Me To Be Your Boyfriend" search that up in google. It is quite enjoyable!
I don't know if I would be very succesful at writing fan fiction, because I think I would feel  really constrained by what already happened in the actual book. Looking at Harry Potter, I think I would probably write about something that happened on a holiday, or when Harry's children are at school... Since we don't know what happens to them, it is all up to our imagination.

Ta Ta For Now!

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