Sunday, July 17, 2011

My children were all made from paper and printer's ink...

Rating: 9/10

Meggie has never heard her father read aloud. When a mysterious stranger appears in the middle of the night, she is pushed into a new world. An evil man by the name of Capricorn, wants her father Mo to read aloud. Finally Meggie understands why Mo has never read aloud, and why she doesn't remember her mother.
Soon Meggie realizes that Mo isn't the only one with a hidden secret...

First things first. It is confession time. When I began to read the novel Inkheart, I was expecting something pretty awful. I had read a few of Cornelia Funke's other books, and I expected this one to be the same. Not a very deep story line, and all in all to me, boring.

Well, I was wrong. Dead wrong. A squirrel hit by a train wrong. Why? Because this book is TOTALLY AWESOME. There! I said it! I love one of (or now three of, including the next two in the series) Cornelia Funke's books.

When I began reading this story, I felt that I could really connect with Meggie in someways. A young girl who always has a book and not that many friends? Pretty much a model of me when I was 12-13. Unfourtunatley, I don't have a bookbinder father who can actually read things out of a book, something which I inherited.
     (No. I had to have a trumpet playing father who I inherated m big teeth from!)
I really love books that you can connect to like that. Even though I have read this book probably a 1001 times, I still love it! The story still pulls me in, and only 3 things can take me out of it.
1. A child crying (I babysit alot)
2. My alarm going off saying I need to go to work
3. Food.

I need to be honest now. However much I love this book, there are still some occasions where I find myself asking, how did that work? How did Dustfinger get that key from Basta? Where did all that time go? Cornelia Funke seems to jump around sometimes. Oh well, it is still an awesome story!
There ya go!

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Gracie said...

HAHA "a squirrel getting hit by a train wrong". You're awesome. :D

Emily said...

Thank you!