Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My "life" in doodles

So my English teacher has assigned us an assignment (duh), and it has to do with doodling! I personally think that that is pretty awesome. An example of what a doodle might look like is right here.
Then two days ago, we were assigned another doodle to do. This one was to be a listography. By that I mean that we were given a page with different ideas of what to list on it. Things like "List the names of all the pets you've ever owned", and "List your favourite vacation spots". Being the proud bookworm I am, I chose the one that said "List your favourite books". So I did! In doodle form....

Volia! Here is my Digital Footprint Doodle! (DFD?)

Volia! (Again!) This one is my Listography doodle. Can you guess all of the books?

In case you couldn't guess the books, I'll list the ones that are represented.

Make Way for Ducklings
The Princess Bride
Hunger Games
Harry Potter
The Help
Pixie Tricks

I have a lot more favourite books, but those are the ones that I could think of a way to draw them! :)

I'll post again soon



Sydney said...

Omg inkdeath is one of my fav books! I love the writing and the storyline and Mo are so good. Why do you like it?

Emily said...

Quite honestly, I loved it all! You should read my review of Inkheart. It is under the 2011 tab on the sidebar