Monday, May 7, 2012

I ran out of ideas for a quote.

Writing Reflection #6

So I am supposed to comment on other peoples blogs for the next couple weekly reflections for my English class. So here it goes!

The first blog I posted on was here:

I posted on Brighton's blog, because she had posted this really unusual "personal addition" it caught my attention, and made me curious. I was reading the other comments that had been posted, and then I decided to post my opinion on what it really meant. I am deliberately being unclear as to what it was, because now, if I have peaked your curiosity, you will just have to go and see what it is yourself.

The next blog I commented on is this one:

Ashleigh was talking about the book called "The Perks of Being a Wallflower". My friend has suggested to me multiple times that I read this book, but I haven't yet picked it up. Hearing Ashleigh talk about it made me want to read it more... Now I just have to find time in between all of the other books that I want to read.

Finally, this is the third blog I decided to comment on:!/2012/04/you-cant-change-my-religion-and-beliefs.html

Criz hit a topic that is really true for me. I often feel pressured by other peoples beliefs, even though I am a strong Christian. I really think I need to do what she did and delete those people who post things about atheism on Facebook, because I find it really irritating and I don't want to have to deal with it anymore.

I really like commenting on other peoples blogs. I know that it is nice when I get a comment on my posts, and I think that other people would feel the same way!


Spence said...

I don't think you really got the point of Criz's post. She wants people to be tolerant no matter what, whether you believe in God, Allah, or nothing at all. If you reject people just because of their beliefs (unfriending atheists?) you're no better than the "heretics" that piss you off.

Emily said...

It's not that I am cutting them off, I am still friends with them in real life, its just that I don't like to see those posts about how stupid Christianity or whatever is. I don't post things saying how I think Atheism, or Buddhism etc, is dumb, so why should I have to deal with people banging on my beliefs?

Emily said...

OK. So re-reading my post... I didn't really make it clear that I just don't like people being disrespectful of my religion
I wouldn't ever totally push someone away just because of their religion, I just don't want to have to deal with things that I find disrespectful towards my relgion, especially since I wouldn't be disrespectful towards theirs.