Monday, March 5, 2012

I have run out of ideas for a creative start to the title. Six Word Memoir #4

This six word memoir is really special for me. In December I was really sick, and I was actually in the hospital for a number of days. I remember when I was discharged from the hospital, everyone always said that it would get easier. (I had meningitis, and it sucks all the energy from your body) That really stuck with me, and I remembered that advice and would think of it when I couldn't do something that I normally could.

I chose this picture because the rainbow on the glass is kind of scraggly, and looks weak, but the words are there to tell them that it'll get easier, and better. The rainbow in this case, represents me, and how I was feeling after everything that went on in December. I know that I will grow from this experience, and I will be okay.

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Mandy C said...

Wow,That's scary. I feel your pain right after I graduated in 2010 I had jaw surgery. All I remember is waking up to them taking out needles from my arm and seeing blood everywhere..Naturally I passed back out and awoke In a room wish fish all over the wall. I puked up blood for 2 days and I didn't eat anything as the drinks they forced me to drink tasted like crap!. After a while i started getting really upset I tought I looked hideous because my face was puffy my nose was swollen, wasn't attractive at all but I told myself and as did all my friends...It will get better and it did and now 1 month from now i shall be braces free..Anywho glad to see your ok now :)Now you can graduate with all your friends and get all perdied up :P