Friday, March 2, 2012

My Second Six Word Memoir + 21 Minus Blog Tour!

Buenas Noches!!!

That there is the extent of my Spanish...

So right below here is my second six word memoir. This one I also really love!

Photo Credit: E. Casselman

Now this is a six word memoir and a photo that I love more than anything. Which, ironically is almost exactly what it says. The "You" I am referring to, in case you didn't get it from the cross in the picture is the Lord. I am a God-Lover, aka Christian, and there isn't anything or anyone that is more important. I felt that this was important to share, because I don't share my faith enough, even though I should. I felt that my blog was the perfect way, and the six word memoirs really just fit right in with it.

On another note, my friend Gracie over at, is participating in this blog tour  called 21 Minus put together by Anna Waggener. The official rules are found right here.

Check it out! It is really sweet.

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