Friday, March 9, 2012

Kony 2012 (again)

Yo! Just kidding....

So once again I am blogging on the whole Kony 2012 issue. I realized that there are a ton of different opinions out there, as there is with any and all world issues.

However, some of the critics make pretty legitimate arguments. Their arguments and Invisible Children (producers of Kony 2012)'s  replies are below

Criticism from

"Last year, the organization spent $8,676,614. Only 32% went to direct services (page 6), with much of the rest going to staff salaries, travel and transport, and film production."

Reply from Invisible Children

"The organization spent 80.46% on our programs that further our three-fold mission; 16.24% on administration and management costs; and 3.22% on direct fundraising in Fiscal Year 2011."

Criticism from Visible Children

 "Both the Ugandan army and Sudan People’s Liberation Army are riddled with accusations of rape and looting, but Invisible Children defends them, arguing that the Ugandan army is “better equipped than that of any of the other affected countries”, although Kony is no longer active in Uganda and hasn't been since 2006 by their own admission."

Response from Invisible Children

"We do not defend any of the human rights abuses perpetrated by the Ugandan government or the Ugandan army (UPDF). None of the money donated through Invisible Children ever goes to the government of Uganda. Yet the only feasible and proper way to stop Kony and protect the civilians he targets is to coordinate efforts with regional governments."

Those criticisms above were the most recurring ones that I saw. Now, honestly, I don't have an opinion on this matter! It isn't black and white. You aren't For Kony 2012 or Against Kony 2012 there is a whole big bunch of in between grey space.

I suppose the best way to put this is that I am neutral. I am not totally into it, buying the action kit and going out covering my city in posters! However, I am also not blogging about how dumb of an idea it is, and how Invisible Children is just trying to take your money.

Personally, I don't think that those who either revere Kony 2012 or criticize it have looked at both sides. If everybody had, I am pretty sure that there would be a lot of people right smack dab in the middle with me.

This picture has gotten out, and is stirring up a lot of conflict. (By the way, those 3 guys are the producers  of kony 2012) What do you think? Personally, I think they thought: "Oh! Big bazooka! Wanna take a picture?" After all, boys will be boys.

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