Thursday, March 15, 2012

Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover

It is usually a good thing to not look at covers when choosing books, but occasionally it actually helps! There are some amazing covers out there that will cement your decision to pick up a certain book.

I am going to show a few of the best book covers I have seen, and a few of the worst.

I'll start with the worst, just to get it out of the way.

Now, I don't know about you, but I find this cover to be bad because while the artist doesn't seem to have any trouble drawing animals (the horses are very well done) the humans look like a cross between... a human, Elmo and Yoda? I don't even know... and just to let you know, they are actually human too. They aren't some other creature. So.... Hummm

(Although - apparently, this book is really good. I haven't read it yet, since it is book 9 in a series that I don't have time to read yet)

Okay so I picked this book up from the library, I read the back, thought it sounded really strange and yet interesting (kind of) and then glanced at the cover. I actually laughed out loud in the library, simply because I thought that this cover was so ridiculous. Ironically, in my opinion, the cover fits the book very well because I really didn't like the cover, and I really didn't like the book either....


Okay- so this cover I feel just has too much going on. There is the castle with Fluffy, the snitch and Harry, a unicorn, and then the background. It is just way too busy, and it doesn't fit the facts in the books.
Harry wouldn't be wearing jeans, a sweater and a cloak to play Quidditch, we would be wearing his team robes.
Harry is also going miss the snitch at the angle he is at.
Why is Fluffy under the castle...? He is on the 3rd floor.
The unicorn should have a silver horn. Not gold. Quote from the book: "...Harry himself examined silver unicorn horns at twenty-one galleons each..." See? Not gold.

The cover doesn't make the book and worse though! Except that this one is the American version. So the misspellings (color instead of colour. Behavior instead of behaviour,) are irritating.

That's all I have for the bad book covers, because usually I like book covers.... onto the good ones!!

Now that is an awesome cover. Pretty simple, and yet it draws you in with the fiery look it has. With the city skyline at the bottom, it made me wonder what kind of book that is, and already had me wondering what was going to happen in it.

This book was AWESOME!

Once again, I have found myself to be love a book cover. The original cover for Cornelia Funke's Inkheart seemed to be perfect. The burning pages show whats going to happen, and yet it doesn't give it away. When you look at the words in the picture itself, you realize after reading that it is in the book! It is as if the cover is burning away to reveal what is actually underneath. Did that make sense? This is definitely one of my favourite book covers of all time. Also it is one of my favourite books!

 Now I really like this cover because it is simple. However, even though it is simple, it is still eye-catching because it is so strange.
I think that that is how all book covers should be. Simple, and yet intriguing.

As for the actual book Matched, it wasn't my favourite, but it wasn't completely awful.

So what do you think? Any covers you like? Dislike?

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