Wednesday, June 6, 2012

# 1 and #43

These ones are drawings that I did, because I was going to draw all of them... but it took too long. So I only did two!

#1 Swim with Dolphins
#2 Read the Harry Potter series  in 24 hours

#1 Swimming with dolphins is a dream... I love the animals and I love  being in the water. I've been to two dolphin shows before, but I have never had a chance to swim with them. This is something that I would really love to be able to do before I die.

# 43 Harry Potter has been a staple all through my childhood, and I have read through the series many times. Something that I want to be able to do is read the entire series in 24 hours.

That is 142 pages per hour! (I put the wrong number on my sheet, because I divided it wrong... :P)

And it is sideways... because I can't figure out how to rotate it...

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