Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Authors Note and Now What

Authors Note:

When I first began this project, I was doubtful and hesitant. I didn't want to make a bucket list, not in the slightest way! Of course, with it being for a course, I couldn't exactly refuse. I am actually happy that I couldn't refuse now. Although I did find it difficult to come up with different items for my bucket list, I think that if I wasn't doing it for a course I would be able to come up with them better. I ended up really enjoying this project, especially hearing all the other people's bucket list items, which would often give me an idea for an item of my own! So although this wasn't the greatest thing at first, I ended up learning a lot about myself. Some of the items that I put down I wouldn't have expected me to want to do, but I felt an urging to put them on the list, so I did. Although I don't know whether some of the items will ever actually get crossed off, if I have them on the list that I am planning on pinning to my cork board at home, at least they will always be there, reminding me. All in all, this was actually a really fun project (in the end) and I am looking forward to crossing more of my items off of my bucket list.

Now What

I am proud to say that I have actually crossed two of the items on my bucket list off! I went on a  road trip with friends, and I went hiking. These both occurred in the same day, last Friday. Six of my friends and myself all went out to Spirit Sands Desert (near Carberry). We hiked 9.3 kilometres that day, all through sand, which seems to make it harder. I am really glad that we went, but not because I got to cross off two items. Honestly, I didn't even remember that they were on my bucket list until we were half way home!
If I were to go after another item on my list, I would probably go after #5, which is visit the Library of Congress. This is a really big one for me, because it is something that I have wanted to do, for quite a while.  Even if I couldn't stay long inside, I want to walk in and smell the wonderful smell of books, and maybe even take a couple off the shelves. It is supposedly magnificent, and I really want to see it for myself. After all, all it is going to take it me somehow getting down to Washington! Well, then I have to find it, but that shouldn't be too difficult! (I hope...) So if I break down what I need to do, it is 1) Get enough money to get to Washington 2) Go to Washington 3) Find the Library of Congress! Well it doesn't seem too hard when I look at it like that.... we'll see if it happens as soon as I want it to though

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