Wednesday, June 13, 2012

PA #17 Some of my own photography

I was in a photography class last semester, and I loved it. We each got a Canon Rebel camera (yuck- canon, but I got through it) and we got different assignments each week. I had tons of fun, and took all kinds of pictures of my family, friends, pets, etc.

Some of those pictures are here...

The computer decided to only let me put them on in alphabetically (by file names) so all the ones of my friend and of Oscar are grouped together...

My sister and her boyfriend at Thanksgiving

Alyssa is cold :)

This is one of my favourites. I edited it on Photoshop as well

An axe in my uncles backyard

Grapes in my uncles backyard

Criz smelling a flower...

Calypso, Alyssa's cat, basking in the sunshine

Carly... an assignment for the class, I just love her expression!

Criz... Yep.

A ladybug on our front steps

Oscar. I love him so much! He is 10 weeks old here

Watching for my Mom to come home...

He needs a haircut

He looks tired...

A stairwell in a beautiful old building

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