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Final Thoughts on Creative Writing

Final Thoughts on Creative Writing
Favourite Assignment
My favourite assignment of this year was the Moment project. I loved having to look back in my life and do my best to find a defining moment, Once I had finally decided on which defining moment to us, it was fun to expand on what I remembered, and to write it all down. I actually made a connection with a fear that I have lived with for a long time, a fear of wolves. While writing my Moment, I realise that that fear probably came from being scared by a “wolf” when I was young. When I had finished this project, I realised that I had really enjoyed writing it!

Least Favourite Assignment
My least favourite assignment was making my bucket list. This is not to say that I didn’t like doing it, I just liked it the least. I found it really difficult to make a bucket list, and I didn’t really like presenting it in front of the class. The best part of that assignment was making the visual representations. That part was fun, finding the pictures and using “PicMonkey” to edit them. All in all, this assignment wasn’t awful, or even close to awful. It just happened to be my least favourite of the assignments.

Friday Reading
I absolutely loved the Friday reading class! Since I am a total bookworm, having a class, once a week devoted to reading was amazing. Those few times that we had a sub on a Friday and we watched a movie instead nearly killed me, because I always looked forward to the reading classes. I think that every class, no matter what class it is should have a Friday reading class…

Monday Written Reflection
The reflections on Mondays were also fine. I liked reviewing books, (since I usually had finished the book that I had on Friday by Monday) and the writing reflections were usually fine too. However, I sometimes got a little behind, because I wouldn’t be able to finish my reflections by the time that the class was over, but I have a feeling that that was more due to the fact that I would usually write a lot more than was actually necessary

My WRN is something that I am going to keep on putting stuff into, I liked being able to have a space to just scribble down ideas, and draw different things too. If I found an interesting part of a magazine that I wanted to keep, I would paste it into my WRN. Though I didn’t use my WRN as much as I thought I would’ve at the beginning of the year, I am still satisfied. It is a really great way to keep your work for school organized.

I love my blog. I however did find it a little awkward to post stuff that is just for the course (like this) because I have a number of followers who aren’t a part of the class. Not to say that I wish that I hadn’t used this blog, because I am really glad that I did (that interview with Caragh O’Brien isn’t going anywhere!) but I do wish that some of the assignments that we were asked to post on our blog would’ve be optional or something, so that I am not flooding my follower’s dashboards. I think that a blog was a great way  to show work, just I should’ve figured out a way to do it that didn’t include my other followers.

I am still not a fan of twitter. I don’t like the layout, it is confusing, I don’t like being limited to 140 characters (NOT including the “@_________) and I just don’t like it. I am a person who loves to use lots of words when I am trying to say something, and with Twitter I can’t. My twitter account probably won’t be active much longer…

Technology in the Course
When I signed up for this course, I didn’t expect to be using a blog, or twitter or anything. However, I found that I really liked having the technological aspect to the course. It was certainly still a Creative Writing course, it is just that the main hand in box happens to be on the Internet. I think that the course worked well with integrating the technology into the course, and I also think that it gave the course a different spin than what people expected.

What I learned about myself
I learned that I am actually a lot more technologically savvy than I thought. I was able to change the look my blog a lot quicker after “Yoda” helped us, and I actually understood what I was supposed to be doing most of the time. Looking at reading, well I didn’t learn that much, because I have always loved to read, and I mostly just discovered that I still love it! When it comes to writing, I discovered, or more, rediscovered a passion for writing. I used to write all the time, but I think that I will start to again, simply because I love it! As a thinker and creator, I know that I sometimes have troubles trying to figure out what I want to write because I get distracted by other peoples ideas, but I think that I have done better this year, than ever before.

Compliments Etc...
I found that this course was really different from what I expected, but I liked it that way. Ms. McLauchlan made each assignment interesting, and I always had time to work on them in class. Sometimes however, I found that I had too much time on my hands in class, and I was done.  That might just be me, but I don't know.
All in all, I really loved this class! (And the teacher)

Advice for future CW students
Take the course! It is tons of fun, and you do really interesting stuff too! There wasn't often a dull moment, and Ms. McLauchlan almost always kept us busy. The blog is fun to keep up, and it isn't hard to do either. The writing assignments are great, and you will always be given time to finish them (which is always a bonus). I don't at all regret taking this class, and you won't either!

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