Tuesday, June 5, 2012

#4 and # 22

#4 Take my Mom on an amazing tropical vacation (and she doesn't have to pay for anything)
# 22 Learn to Dance (and not look like n electrified pigeon)

#4 is something that is really important to me. My Mom is a completely amazing person, who completely deserves a vacation away. Both my sister and I have both been to Cuba, and I feel that my Mom should get to go somewhere too. The biggest thing fo rme in this is that when I take her on a vacation, she doesn't pay for a single thing. That may take me a while to get the amount of money that I need, but it would be totally worth it. 

# 22 I cannot dance. Unless it is choreographed, but even then I am not great. I really want to be able to dance and feel good about myself while dancing...


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