Saturday, June 2, 2012

#16 and #25

#16 Go on a hike for the first time
#25 Go on a road trip with my friends

I am happy to say that I have crossed these two items off of my bucket list!

Yesterday, my 6 friends and I drove out to Carberry (2 hours away) for a hike through the Spirit Sands desert. It was tons of fun, and I really want to do it again! I have some pictures below

The view from the first look-out point
We all pose for a picture :)
"Lost" in the desert

We all gather round to write a haiku about a dead cricket

And we're off again!

I pull one of my friends aside for a photo

A rather low bridge goes just over the surface of the swamp

Some of us headed down to where the devils punch bowl is. The water was really cold!

The scenery turned from Sand Dunes to more forest after we left the punch bowl

Pumping water to wash our hands and feet

In the van, heading home

Why are you taking my picture...?

The awesome driver :)

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