Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bucket List

This is my bucket list. Things that I want to do before I die.

1. Swim With Dolphins
2. Go and see the Olympic Games
3. Figure things out with my Dad
4. Take my Mom on an amazing tropical vacation (and she doesn't pay a thing)
5. Visit the Library of Congress
6. Go to Australia and visit everybody I know there
7. Go to Ethiopia
8. Win the Pulitzer Prize
9. Meet the Sidewalk Prophets
10. Be a lead in a play
11. Own a horse
12. Go Sky Diving
13. Visit Niagara Falls
14. Get Married to the man I love
15. Have children
16. Go on a hike for the first time
17. Take a trip with my sister
18. Pay off my Mom's mortgage
19. Own a Mini Cooper (Red, with white top)
20. Go on a missions trip
21. Share my love of Jesus completely with somebody
22. Learn to dance (and not look like a pigeon getting electrified)
23. Compete in a syncro competition
24. Ride a unicycle
25. Go on a road trip with my friends
26. Make a speech in front of 500+ people
27. Foster a pregnant animal, care for, and fine homes for the babies
28. Own a house
29. Graduate from University
30. Teach Elementary school
31. Meet Bethany Hamilton
32. See my Gramma in Arizona
33. Go surfing
34. Go to Harry Potter world
35. Go to Las Vegas
36. Make someones day
37. Photograph someones wedding
38. Sing a solo in front of a big crowd
39. Make a CD
40. Live in another country
41. Meet JK Rowling
42. Learn to fly
43. Read the Harry Potter series in 24 hours
44. Meet Robin Jones Gunn
45. Get over my fears
46. Publish a book/short story
47. Be in a movie
48. Learn to drive standard
49. Go to a red carpet premiere
50. Go zip lining

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