Sunday, June 17, 2012

More on BlackOut Poetry!

Writing Reflection #8

(Whoops Ms. McLauchlan, I totally forgot to post this one, even though I did it a long time ago...)

So I had posted my blackout poetry final projects earlier in the week, and now I am back to talk about them!

So newspaper BlackOut poetry is really different. First off, it is really annoying if you have a great idea after getting most of your words down, and then the last word or two that you need, you can't find.  Even though a lot of people "piece together" the words that they need, I don't like to do that, because then it looks messy. I only did that once, and that was when I used the movie listings for my poetry, and I had to do "an" and "d" to make the word "and", but there wasn't a huge space between them...

Writing blackout poetry, I feel is harder than anyother kind of poetry. Sure, the other poetry you might need to rhyme or whatever, but you don't have to be able to find the word on an already written page before using it! Even though it is hard, I think that it is still a really great way to express poetry, because it makes you use a whole different side of your creativity!

Since this was so different from anything else we have done this semester, I found myself having to really work hard at succeding at it. It wasn't like other things where you just jot down ideas, you have to search for ideas. This obviously made it harder, but it also made it really fun!

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