Thursday, June 14, 2012

PA #22 Why I have awesome friends

My friend are seriously amazing. We do the weirdest things, but it is still amazing.

Just to prove that I have awesome friends, these are most of the really weird things that we have done throughout this year!

  • When I was really sick earlier in the year, they all pitched in together to bring me a box full of books, snacks, games, crosswords, bead stuff, and cards! (Including one card that was written on the back of a pasta box)
  • We went out to breakfast at Coras on a Saturday morning to celebrate 4 different birthday
  • For our own private "Senior Skip Day" we went on a hike all day
  • We got together to sing Christmas Carols very loudly, and decorate cookies
  • As a good bye party for two of my friends who were going to Korea for 2 months, we all got together, ate pizza, played Team Trivial Pursuit, and sang Karaoke at the top of our lungs
  • We went to Festival Du Voyager together and made fools of ourselves in those things where you put your head in... (You know what I mean? Cut outs of characters with a space for your head? I think I was an owl...)
  • We can have 6 different conversations going on at once and still follow them all
  • We have an online group calendar so that we can keep track of what everybody else is doing
  • Today: I biked to Alyssa's house, took pictures of her toy Walle, and then made pizza pretzels while (again) singing at the top of our lungs to Sidewalk Prophets
  • My friend Tavia gave me a painting that her Aunt (?) had painted for my birthday :)

Most of all, you know you have the best friends when you could do something that is 100% embarrasing, and you hardly blush at all.

I love you guys!

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