Monday, June 4, 2012

# 29 and #19

Here are two visual representations of items on my bucket list.

I am posting both # 29 (Graduate from University) and #19 (Own a Mini Cooper)

# 29 is on my bucket list because next year, when I leave high school, I am going directly into University, and I think that it is a huge accomplishment to be able to say that you did however many years, and made it. The picture is actually from October, from when my Mom graduated from University with her Masters in Education. I know that she was really proud of herself, and I want to be the same way.


# 19 has been on my mental bucket list since I was about 7years old. When I was younger, I had a remote controlled Mini Cooper. It was the best thing ever,  and I have always wanted a real one since then. I have a very specific idea of which colour I actually want. If I do ever get a Mini Cooper, I really want it to be red, with a white top, because that is the colour that the remote control car was!

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